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  • Aspheric lenses
  • Polycarbonate Frame
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Spring-hinges

Revel in a morning meditation, free your mind from the busy life around you and connect with your soul.  Calm. Peaceful. Aware. Let your third eye see the limitless universe with this frame from our highly anticipated fall line. Our transcendent readers will keep you connected with the energy that you feel flowing through every living being while you focus your inner peace and wellness during your day to day existence. When work is over, head to yoga and really amp up your evening with the warrior pose, using your frames as your core, focused on nothing but your inner strength and know you are finally in complete balance with the world.

Offered in two stunning colors; Purple frames that are enhanced with a fantastic teal highlight, or keep it neutral and try the purple and bronze beauty. Either way, you cannot miss out. These frames give the look of classic by offering the slight cat eyed corners pair with the trendy way fare style everyone seems to be loving today. Listen to your intuition, expand your horizon and make these frames your new and favorite addition to your OOOOOmmm life style.

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